4 Responses to “Kebaya Pengantin Muslim”

  1. Zizan says:

    semoga berkekalan jodohnya…jom semarak cinta di Galeri Malam Pertama Cameron Highlands hanya di MARDI Station CH

  2. Jilbabs are among one of the most well-known clothing products for the Muslim females of currently. Jilbabs is often defined as extended and loose garments that cover the complete body from tip to toe. Islamic tradition demands that girls need to be concealed after they come out in public. Even though a lot of ladies never follow these guidelines, some have nevertheless retained the age-old values on the religion of Islam.

  3. vidya says:

    Model kebaya muslim untuk org yg gemuk gimana Ya..?

  4. asliii keren-keren bangetttt..
    ini tuh desin kebaya modern ya sist?
    terimakasih ;)

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